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SV - Jo Bonnier


The Giulietta family first saw the public light of day at the Turin Motor Show in April 1954.
Developed by the inspired design team led by Orazio Satta, the Sprint was greeted with universal enthusiasm. Even at that stage it was obvious that the GT coupe bodied Sprint was destined for competition and so it proved, with competition leading to development and improvement of the breed.
In 1955, Giuseppe Busso was given the task of developing the Sprint to make it more competitive. Using the age-old techniques of building in lightness and increasing power, the Sprint Veloce (SV) was born.
Two years to the month after the launch of the Sprint, the SV took to the start line in its first competitive event. With weight reduced by 70kg, power increased from 65 to 90bhp and with the sweet handling and powerful brakes inherited from the Sprint, the SV became a class leading competition car.
A few weeks after the debut of the SV, Carlo and Dore Leto di Priolo entered their brand new SV in the 1956 Mille Miglia. Near Perugia, they crashed heavily, badly damaging the car.

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